FC/NAFC Texas Troubador "Tubb"                              GRHRCH ALMOSTA'S Tia  MH     "TIA"
                                                                                               *AKC Breeder of Merit*
            TUBB WINS AFC NATIONALS 2014                                UKC : R220-746

       Tubb obtained AFC at the age of 2, and FC                                 Tia went 4 for 4 in obtaining her JH

         shortly after turning 4.  He was a 2012 National                          title at 10 months, and making HRCH  

          Open finalist as a 3 year old, and the youngest                         at  the age of 2. She has her Master Hunter title.

          to finish.  Tubb is the total package being a                           She HAS completed her GRHRCH tille in 2016.

         great competitor with a good attitude, to go along                    

         with an affectionate disposition.                                           Tia has a great deal of drive

                                                                                                 while training and in the field, but is also

                                                                                                     a good companion at home.


          Tubb is out of a phenomenal breeding of FC/AFC Weezer and NFC/AFC Candlewood's Something
         Royal ( Windy).  Tubb was an 8 time national finalist while Windy was a finalist 7 times including winning 
         the 2007 National Open.  Tubb's pedigree is also very rare in that he has 4 generations of national
         champions (NFC Candlewood's Something Royal, NFC Maxx's Surprise, 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC
         Ebonstar Lean Mac, and CNFC CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech).  It has 100% Field Champions for 4
         generations.  Tubbs OFA hips=excellent, elbows=normal, EIC, CERF, and CNM clear.

          Tia has an outstanding pedigree with TNT Explosion's King MNH4 (sire is FC/AFC TNT Explosion "Nitro") 
          Her dam  HRCH Cassie MH has only been trained and shown by a amateur.  Her sire on the top is 
         FC/AFC Pin Oaks Texas Rex and on the bottom FC AFC Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown.  Tia has 
         a fantastic temperament - great nose - a relentless hunter - and a fast, flashy marking machine.  
         Tia's OFA hips=good, elbows=normal, EIC, CERF, and CNM clear. 


      Delbert Smith:  817-913-8550                    Melinda Smith: 817-913-8551