Current stud Fee is $1000. Owner of bitch shall pay $ 500 non-refundable deposit up front and the balance of the stud fee prior to signing litter registration.

A litter is considered 4 or more puppies. Anything less than 4, the stud fee is $150 per puppy.

OFA,CERF, Neg Brucellosis (if Natural breeding)

Breeding by: Fresh Chilled, AI, and Natural

The owner of the bitch is responsible for any fees incurred in collection, preparation, shipping container, and all other packaging and handling fees, as well as fedex charges by a licensed veterinarian.   These fees are to be paid directly to the licensed veterinarian.  The estimated cost at this time is $350, subject to change.

The owner of the bitch assumes all responsibility for the storage and destintation fee for shipped seamen.

We have for Natural Breedings, a boarding cost of $15 a day for the first 7 days and $20 a day beyond 7 days, subject to change.